We’re a creative video production agency that helps businesses brands to achieve more with video.

Brand Development

Attempting to scale your brand through digital marketing without strong brand development is the equivalent to trying to grow a business without a business plan; it can be done, but it’s more difficult, and requires much more trial and error until you find what works. We help you establish your brand through video assets (video branding) and creative content that are strategically designed to communicate the right message to your target audience.

  • Audience Development
  • Buyer Personas
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Personality
  • Value Propositions

Business Development

There’s a lot more to generating more revenue than just digital marketing alone. Whether it’s establishing new channel partners, distribution relationships, or even just post conversion activities such as your sales process we use video production to enhance interactions, improve information, increase conversions, and automate efforts. Business doesn’t end once your customer clicks on your website, and neither does our video production.

  • Corporate Video Production
  • Knowledge Base Videos
  • Process Videos
  • Product Demos
  • Channel Partner Programs
  • Sales Assets

Customer Acquisition

The problem many companies run into is their digital marketing strategies are parceled, and their video production efforts live in isolation. Video marketing strategies need to be developed as a part of a larger customer acquisition strategy so that all of your efforts are cohesive. Our creative media agency takes a data driven, full funnel approach to producing video ads that are effective throughout your funnel.

  • Go to Market Strategies
  • Video Marketing
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Campaign Development
  • Social Media Marketing

Strategic Video Production Produced with Purpose

Because as a creative media agency, we hate seeing creative dollars spent poorly.

We noticed that many creative video assets and creative content in general, used in digital marketing lacked purpose- there weren’t any tactics in line with an overall digital marketing strategy. You’ve experienced it too. Our entirely in-house team produces winning video ad formats that are built specifically for your marketing funnel’s needs, and are aligned with your campaigns goals.

Whether it’s a YouTube commercial, a Facebook Ad, or an impactful overview video for your company’s website, everything is designed deliberately to make sure every view generates the exact right response. A creative media agency can’t just focus on creative. You need an even balance and a perfect symmetry of creative genius and strategic intention. Our goal is to become the leading video production company in Orange County for the paid media space by producing high quality, cost effective, and strategic video content for our clients bespoke to the industry.

Work with a team that's obsessed... With things that make a difference for you.

We focus on what actually matters.

We work in one of the most complicated and competitive industries- which is why it’s so addicting. As a creative media agency, there are so many things you need to do correctly to create a successful video marketing strategy, and it’s a lot more than having an idea and some equipment. What makes great video marketing isn’t an expensive new camera and having the sexiest lenses.. Although we have that too. It’s having a team with the expertise to develop platform specific strategies, creative content planning, advanced script copywriting, and concepting compelling narratives, all while staying consistent within brand development guidelines.

Although we focus on the mid-market, We do our best to answer the door when opportunity knocks

Creative Designed in a Test Tube We’ve Got This Down to a Science… But It’s Not Rocket Science.

We put the Pro in Production. Over the years we have created a very systematic and deliberate process that gives us a formulaic approach to producing efective strategy based videos. Don’t get us wrong – of course, your video needs to be the most engaging thing out there to cut through the noise. But before we even get into creative, we need to make sure it communicates the right message, speaks to the right audience, and is built and optimized for the right platforms in a way that converts impressions into dollars. You can’t just throw up video ads, you need a full funnel approach.


Create Demand

We know everyone’s goal is the same: get more customers, make more money. However, many times you need to create awareness at the top of the funnel first. Our top of the funnel video marketing content is designed to be extremely captivating with an emphasis on unique value props. To create initial demand for your products/services and broaden the amount of traffic that enters into your marketing funnel.


Build Preference

The middle of the funnel is arguably the most important for positioning and differentiation because this is where your consumers compare you to your competition and alternatives, but a GREAT creative media agency strives here the most. We stay consistent with our narrative based video marketing approach by telling stories that clearly demonstrate why we’re a superior solution for your target market.


Scale Results

It seems like this should be the easy part once you’ve found the winning recipe, but surprisingly enough, duplicating repeatable results is where most creative media agencies plateau. Campaigns hit impression share ceilings, brands are challenged with ad fatigue, and marketers struggle to reach new audiences. It takes an advanced creative media agency to know how to leverage fresh content in unique ways to continue to produce high performing video ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Iron Well Productions as a creative media agency?

Not to beat a dead horse, but if you’re wondering why you should use your creative media agency it’s because of one main thing- we’re digital marketers. Most creative media agencies that specialize in video production are artists- not marketers. Everything we produce is strategy driven and there is a huge difference between entertaining content and highly converting content. The model for most video production companies is to produce any type of video content that utilizes the same type of equipment. Such as music videos, documentaries, TV shows etc. Our SOLE focus in video production for digital marketing and corporate video production.

What makes your approach to media different?

The reason that makes our approach to video production so unique is because we let data make our decisions. We have a strategy first approach that takes into consideration your campaign goals, the use case, your audience, brand positioning, and key message which we then utilize as our strategic parameters to brainstorm creative. In our industry, when video production companies bid out projects, they submit a creative concept and a price. That’s completely backwards. We layout a strategy roadmap, and once we engage we design a creative concept that accomplishes that.

What industries should invest in a creative media agency?

As an industry agnostic company, we’ve been able to help companies and brands across a broad range of industries find success through using video production for digital marketing campaigns. We believe that every industry should incorporate video marketing into some part of their business, however there are some industries that require more video content to be competitive than others. If you’re in a competitive industry that requires brand differentiation, a good sized ad spend, and a business model that depends on a consistent, rapid rate of customer acquisition, you will need to invest in video production more than others.

What’s Iron Well Productions creative process for video production?

Why is creative media production important?

How do I get started with Iron Well Productions?