Deliberately Different

Traditional Production Crew

You know how challenging, time-consuming, and expensive hiring good people can be, and it’s even more expensive when you don’t have the right people. Now imagine that you had to hire a new team of independently contracted day players with narrow responsibilities for every single project. That’s the traditional model.


Our Solution

Our model consists of a dedicated in-house team that is all in the same office Monday through Friday, focused on your project (sometimes weekends too!). Through cross-training, project management, and working together as a unified company instead of a group of outsourced independents, we have been able to create an efficient model with a lean crew that is focused on your specific goals, full time.

Hollywood Has It's Place.

Your Company’s goals are running this show.

There are a few things we all love: Music Videos, Great movies, and Superbowl commercials… But you aren’t here to make any of those! We have a ton of respect for the Hollywood styled film crews, but your needs demand a different model which is exactly how we’ve positioned our company. We have a lean crew that is super efficient eliminating the excessive redundancies and allows your company’s goals to run the show! Rather bringing your business to a screeching halt to produce videos, we have a fly on the wall mentality as we take one more thing off your plate… One more super important thing we might add.

Project Management.

Keeping a finger on the pulse.

Strong project management is the backbone of our company’s foundation. Everything from our process, to client relationship management, operational procedures, and pricing models are all only possible due to years of dialling in an extremely regimented and well-managed infrastructure. We use task management software to properly allocate our resources and constantly push our output, maximizing our efficiencies. From consistent and precise tracking over hundreds of projects, we have valuable data that allows us to accurately price out projects so you know that the price you’re getting isn’t just a guess based on what we feel in the moment.

Teamwork Extends Beyond our Iron Well Staff.

When it comes to producing the assets themselves- we take full creative responsibility, but it takes a little more than that! You know your business the best and we know ours. Collaborating with your teams to gather the pertinent information about your company and goals is crucial to crafting the right message. From there we ensure the assets don’t live in isolation- we’ve aligned ourselves with the best agencies around. We keep a parallel methodology when it comes to producing assets for paid media and digital marketing channels.

Let’s Change the Conversation